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We are pleased to announce we have a Regional Winning male! Thank you so much Randy and Robert!!

* * * Please look at our kitten page later this year for Joker's kittens and some other lovely kittens* * *



GC,RW Boberan's Jokers Wild of Cleokat

Sire: GC Bi Hei's Black Jack of Boberan
Dam: GC,RW Boberan's Nighttime Glamour, DM

Rock N Roller

Champion Cleokat Rock N Roller
"Rock N Roller"

Sire: GC Boberan's Rollercoaster of Cleokat
Dam: Tehy O Happy Day of Cleokat
Now retired and living with his new owners


Champion Nuit-Magique Braveheart of Cleokat

Sire: CH Boberan Love Touch of Nuit-Magique
Dam: Noblessa Snow White of Nuit-Magique


Lark Hill Paper Chase of Cleokat

Sire: GC,DW Real World's Moshi Moshi
Dam: Agonistes Delilah of Lark Hill

Now Retired but we have several lovely Daughers

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